Women’s March 2018

The Texas Handmaids led the 2018 Austin Women’s March up Congress Avenue to the Texas Capitol. Although we saw the passage of the anti-woman, anti-choice SB 8 here last year, we marched to reclaim that space for reproductive justice.

The Texas Reproductive Rights Rally featured great local activists speakers including Texas Handmaids organizers Andrea Hughes, Stephanie Martin, and Nichole Miller. We told our stories to thousands of people ready to fight with us.

I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept. — Angela Davis

We signed up dozens for our mailing list at our table and educated many more on the pox of crisis pregnancy centers in our state. While full service women’s health clinics offering abortion has fallen to just a handful, fake clinics have proliferated to the hundreds.

The day was one of celebration for recent victories won in convincing four area businesses to stop funding fake clinics to the tune of $8000, meeting new friends, networking with other progressive organizations present, and renewing our fight for reproductive justice in Texas.

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