Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are fake women’s clinics set up to look like the real thing but actually run by anti-choice, anti-LGBT+ religious extremists.  Their sole purpose is to persuade women not to have an abortion and they have developed a variety of manipulative tricks to pressure women to stay pregnant starting with making them believe they have contacted an actual medical facility.  In Texas, these places get $38 million dollars of our tax money through the Alternatives to Abortion fund created by our state legislature.  Below is an illustration of a typical client path through a cpc.

navigating cpc lies

What can we do about CPCs?

Agape at Whole Woman's HealthEducate yourself and others about the deceptive practices of CPCs and be aware of them in your community.  They may show up at your university or even at high schools to give out “teen parent information.”  They are often invited to town celebrations or health fairs as though they are a legitimate charity or community clinic.  They also like to park their RV “mobile units” near schools or outside actual abortion providers’ clinics and try to poach patients with offers of free pregnancy tests.  Speak up if your business encourages donations to these places or invites them in.   Contact us if you would like the Texas Handmaids to do a teach-in for your organization or join us for a protest of a CPC or CPC donor.  They thrive on ignorance so we combat them with information and raising public awareness about their practices.  And of course vote, vote, vote!  Our state legislature funded this and they can defund it too.  Texas is not a Republican state, it is a nonvoting state.  Don’t give up your power by not participating.

Here are your seven Austin area crisis pregnancy centers:

Pregnancy Help Center of Williamson County   

Agape Pregnancy Resource Center 

Pflugerville Pregnancy Resource Center 

Austin Pregnancy Resource Center 

Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center

TruCare Pregnancy Center

Austin LifeCare