Frequently Asked Questions
How do I join a protest?    Please join our mailing list or attend an upcoming meeting to learn about upcoming protests.  Meetings are posted as public Facebook events and in our monthly newsletter emailed out to members.
Do I need a robe and bonnet to join?    No, we have a robe and bonnet for you!  We share them out at protests then launder them for the next event.
 Are there membership fees?     Nope.  But we encourage everyone to donate $5 to help with our budget operation.  We are volunteer-led but have expenses like copies, banners, postage, PO box, and legal fees.
Are you a nonprofit organization?     Yes, we are a nonprofit organization filed with the state and IRS as “Texas Handmaids Inc.”
How can I support you if I can’t make it to a protest?     You can donate, buy our merchandise, repost our social media messages, recommend us to friends, attend a meeting/work session, or contact us with your skill set, interests, and times you are available.
Can I take a selfie in my robe and bonnet?     Sure, we would love for you to promote your participation in our actions.  We ask when wearing the robe and bonnet that no smiling/silly poses be made or photographed.  When we wear the robe we are standing as symbols of the system’s domination of the female body expressed today in anti-choice, anti-LGBT+, anti-survivor, racist legislation and policing, and in the not so distant past through slavery.