Our Mission is to use the dramatic red robes and white bonnets from The Handmaid’s Tale to call out politicians and businesses that keep Texas women from accessing reproductive justice.  

Our Vision is to achieve reproductive justice in Texas through the following initiatives

  • Educating Texans about reproductive justice, the merging of social causes and reproductive rights, that are important to their community
  • Recruiting new members to boost our message by not requiring an ongoing time commitment, membership or robe fees.
  • Working to end state funding of crisis pregnancy centers through protest and print campaigns and pressuring businesses who privately donate to stop.
  • Improving pre and postnatal care for ALL Texas women through passing legislation that will improve the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity rate in Texas.

Diversity Statement

The Texas Handmaids welcome all who share in our values.  We affirm the human rights of the LGBT+ community, also oppressed by a patriarchal system.  We affirm the human rights of black, brown, and undocumented people, oppressed by white supremacy. We affirm the rights of religious minorities, oppressed by Christian supremacy.  We affirm the rights of abuse and assault survivors, harmed by a misogynistic system that silences them.  We affirm the rights of sex workers, harassed and imprisoned by a society that objectifies and legislates women’s bodies.  We affirm the rights of differently-abled people, excluded from a society slow to adapt. We affirm the rights of working people, struggling in a system that denies them healthcare, affordable housing, and higher education, and adequate public transportation.  These are our ideals as members of these communities or allies with these communities.  

July 2018 Newsletter